Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness.

As the graphic illustrates, a diagnosis can be the result of more than one cause. For example, depression can be caused by many different factors, including inflammation. Likewise, a cause such as inflammation may lead to a number of different diagnoses, including depression. The precise manifestation of each cause depends on the individual’s genes, environment, and lifestyle, and only treatments that address the right cause will have lasting benefit beyond symptom suppression.

This is exactly why we have such high success rates with our patients.


We are a Functional and Lifestyle Medicine Practice. We focus on helping our patients identify the root causes of their chronic conditions and advise on the they can take natural preventive measures to reverse it so that they do not rely on pharmaceutical drugs to "manage" the condition.


We believe that the decisions about life should not focus on illnesses, but about whether to go kayaking, golfing, travelling or for a walk in the park with your family. We work very hard to try and make that a reality in our patients lives.



















With so many of our patients saying “Just show me what to do.” We have designed straightforward programs that do just that! Showing you how to get there, by guiding you with strategic step-by-step programs that can make long lasting changes. Giving you a second chance at life.


The Questions First…


Preventive Medicine Practitioners ask a lot of questions. In fact, you should be prepared to sit down for an hour or longer to answer the (very) long questionnaire when see your Preventive Medicine Practitioner for the first time. You’ll be asked about all sorts of things – your diet, your sleep patterns, your stress levels, your environmental exposures, even down to the type of cosmetic products you use. That’s a whole lot more detailed than the histories I used to take in my conventional practice. But it’s all important information, and all relevant.

Then Tests…

The investigations you’ll have will be much more detailed, too. Functional medicine practitioners use cutting-edge diagnostic tests, performed by first-class technologies by skilled practitioners, to give them the answers they need in order to pinpoint the underlying imbalances and causes of your condition, and guide you on the path back to health.

Your Input

The patient-practitioner relationship is a much closer working relationship. It’s no longer about me telling you what’s wrong with you and giving you a tablet for it. Now we work together, and your input and commitment to following through with the treatment plan, is very important.

In fact, how much effort you are prepared to put in yourself on your path to optimal health, is just as important in terms of a successful outcome as seeking out a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner to guide you on that path.

Because your own contribution is so important to the doctor-patient relationship in Preventive Medicine, there are a number of things I think you need to consider before deciding to see a Preventive Medicine practitioner:

Are you prepared to spend time answering a lot of questions about yourself?

In order to get to the bottom of the issues in your individual case, your Preventive Medicine doctor will need a lot of information about you, especially before your first appointment.

Are you prepared to make changes to your lifestyle?

This one is very important. It’s so important that I would say that if you’re not prepared to change your lifestyle, then don’t waste your time and money, because that’s probably the first thing your Preventive Medicine practitioner will focus on, and for good reason. Lifestyle makes a big difference to health outcomes, even in genetic conditions.

Are you prepared to take supplements?

Gone are the days when food gave our bodies all the nutrition, unfortunately. Our soils are so depleted that even organic fruits and vegetables, whilst still far preferable than pesticide-laden produce, no longer provide the nutrients they once did. The sad fact is that even with the healthiest diet, almost all of us are likely to require some form of supplementation in order to maintain health, and definitely so if a disease has already developed. Our 5* Preventive Medicine Screening will identify which nutritional deficiencies are present and therefore which supplements are recommended. They are a vital part of regaining your health.

Do you have a supportive family/partner?

It’s much easier to make lifestyle changes if you are supported in doing so. If possible, I recommend coming to the first appointment with your partner or other family member, so they can better understand what you need to do in order to regain your health, and how they can support you to achieve it.

Two Vital Ingredients For Success…


In our experience, Preventive Medicine works very well as a therapeutic approach, but there are two vital ingredients to a successful outcome:

  • An experienced practitioner to navigate and guide you on your journey to health, and

  • Your own resolve to make the necessary changes along the way.


You are the key player and decision maker. Are you prepared to propel yourself towards optimal health ?