Our Signature Programs


Singapore Wellness Centre is a Functional and Lifestyle Medicine practice which focuses on Chronic Diseases caused by genetically predisposed factors and lifestyle factors. We have found great success when we combined both these faculties with the bioresonance technology to help our patients overcome chronic diseases which had devastated them for a long time.





















5* Preventive Medicine Screening

Our Signature program is a unique combination of Functional Medicine Screening with a key health component of the Russian Space Program. It's what we call the best of Functional Medicine and Advanced Diagnostic Non Invasive Technology. 

Many clients have commented how accurate our screening is and how much their lives have changed for the better when it came to identifying underlying issues and with our intervention measures. This 2 hours will be the best investment you ever did towards better health. For peace of mind our session pricing includes all the tests we will do so patients do not have to worry about hidden charges after arriving.






Energy Correction Treatments

It is a proven fact that your body has the innate ability to heal itself from any chronic disease if it's organic energy levels are good. And we aim to provide your body the best in diet and nutrition in order to achieve this result. However, in today's times where we are bombarded with pesticides, pollutants and bad air quality, our bodies need that extra boost to help it recover to its optimal level.

Our Energy Correction Treatment scores tremendously in this area. It detects the organic energy levels within your body parts and organs and treats the imbalances naturally. Depending on whether the imbalance is acute or chronic, it can be rebalanced within 1 session and in chronic cases, in just 10 sessions. Many of our clients has seen amazing results in just one session. All our treatments are natural, non invasive and we do not promote the use of any pharmaceutical drugs.