Making Chronic Disease A Choice

Chronic disease is shortening our lifespan, destroying our quality of life, bankrupting governments, and threatening the health of future generations. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has failed to adequately address this challenge, and the prevalence of most chronic health problems continues to rise. In this article I explore why that is and outline a new approach to healthcare that would much more effectively tackle the chronic disease challenge.

Chronic disease is the biggest healthcare challenge we face today—by a long shot.

Consider the following (scary) statistics:

The proportion of older adults with three or more chronic diseases nearly doubled from 2009 to 2017, a local study has found. More Singaporeans aged 60 and over are also having difficulty carrying out daily living activities, based on an ongoing survey of more than 4,500 Singaporeans and permanent residents.Since 2010, Singapore’s national healthcare expenditure has almost doubled, from $11 billion to reach $21 billion in 2016

We’ve reached the point where chronic disease has become so common that we think it’s normal. But there’s a big difference between common and normal.

The top five chronic health conditions were high blood pressure; high blood cholesterol; cataract; joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism or nerve pain; and diabetes.

You might argue that this is simply because our recent ancestors didn’t live long enough to acquire chronic diseases. But although it’s true that our average life expectancy has increased significantly over the past century, it’s also true that chronic diseases like Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease—which are now among the top causes of death in the Singapore—are rare in contemporary hunter–gatherers that have maintained their traditional diet and lifestyle.

The irony is that Chronic Disease is preventable. Yes it is true !! If you follow a strictly healthy diet which is compliant for your body, take the right nutritional supplements and lead an active lifestyle and manage your stressors well, you can indeed make Chronic Disease A Choice.

That is the fundamental of our Preventive Medicine Practice at Singapore Wellness Centre. We help many people reverse chronic disease and prevent them from getting any by simply altering their diets, increasing their intake of nutrition through nutritional supplements and also get them to lead an active lifestyle. Everything is customised to that client to ensure effective outcomes and results.

We encourage everyone of you to start your journey towards better health now. Take the right steps and life a more active and happier life, disease free just like how predecessors lived theirs.