Treating Type 2 Diabetes

For many the next big question then is “ what can be done ? ” In conventional medicine the primary treatment continues to be to prescribe Metformin or another pharmacological agent, or even to give insulin if the A1C is really high, further increasing the individual’s risk of obesity and inflammation.

However, science (and common sense) really support diet and lifestyle changes as the primary treatment for Type 2 Diabetes and for lab changes that suggest any insulin resistance. This is where Functional Medicine shines. Not only do we take more than the typical 10-15 minutes with you in our office visits, but we educate you at length about food and nutrition. Visits typically range from 30-90 minutes.

We provide a personal health coach to walk you through the sometimes difficult dietary changes that have to be made. Your labs are monitored carefully to ensure we are moving in the right direction. We can use physician grade, scientifically proven nutraceuticals as needed to boost the body’s ability to respond to the dietary and lifestyle changes you are making. This is all done in a personalized way, in which you are actively participating in all decisions and plans.

This is how we can reverse conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, and, some even say, make diseases disappear. PM us to know more.

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